Want to buy something? What is the first thing you do? You ask your friends and family for recommendations. Then, maybe conduct online research and even read reviews. This is because nobody wants to spend money on something that will not be useful for them or might lead to an unpleasant experience.

What is the thing that you can learn from it? Customer reviews are an extremely influential and effective way to increase sales. You can consider satisfied customers as your sales representatives.

So, now you know reviews are crucial for the success of your business. How do you get them?

That’s exactly what we will show you in this post.

So, let’s dive into it.

Keep It Simple

One of the best ways to get more reviews is to make it easy for the customer to leave a review. People don’t have the time and patience to dig deep into your website to search the product and then leave a review. So, make it extremely easy to leave a review on your website.

Follow Up Emails Can Work Wonders

Another great tip for getting more reviews is to send a follow-up email to your customers after a purchase requesting a review. According to statistics, the response rate is 8%, making it a great way to get reviews. Just make sure you send it at least after a week and on a Saturday to have a higher response rate.

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Rewarding Them For a Review

Incentive! Reward your customers for writing reviews. For instance, Zappos offers $10 credit or 100 points to its customers for writing a review.

Okay, it is not a bribe or like you are paying for the review. You will, simply, be asking people who have used your product to give an authentic review and rewarding them.

Have Reviews on Your Homepage

One of the best tips is to place the reviews on your homepage. It is a better marketing technique if you add a testimonial section on the homepage or have a separate page for it. You can even publish reviews about specific products on the page of that product. Keep in mind, you have to incorporate the reviews in a way that will work for you.

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Thank Every Reviewer

Make it your habitat to say thank you to your reviewers. No, a simple thumbs-up will not do it. if you want to have more reviews, a personal sentence for thanking them is what you need. You should monitor your reviews frequently and send a thank you message. It will not take more than 5 to 10 minutes.

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