Façade lighting helps in creating the architecture more beautiful and mesmerizing. You can create a lasting impression on the passersby and customers. It is an excellent way to enhance the appearance of the building in an inspirational and exciting way.

Through a well-lit façade lighting, you can make your building stand out and make it more attractive and vibrant.

The Efficiency of Façade Lights

One of the first things you need to know is the efficiency of the lights you are installing. The market is filled with tons of façade lights, making it confusing to choose the right one. Since all the lights are not made equal, some have better efficiency than the others.

LED lights have the highest luminous efficacy. So, you must look at the efficiency of the light before you buy a façade light.

Different Ways to Illuminate the Façade

There are numerous ways through which you can lighten up the façade. Here are some of the most commonly used ways.

  • Wall Lights- the wall lights on the façade are placed in the center. You can either install a wall light that has a lamp at the top and the bottom or light that provides light in one direction. Depending on your building, you can choose the one that illuminates the building properly.
  • Ceiling Spots- another way to illuminate the façade is through the ceiling spots. You can illuminate the façade from top to bottom.
  • Floor Spots- to lighten up the façade from bottom to top, you can use floor spots. This will deliver a light that is soft in the center of the wall.

Lighting Techniques You Can Use for Façade

The purpose of façade lighting is to make the building more appealing and attractive. For doing this, there are several lighting techniques that you can use.

  • Grazing- in this lighting technique, the luminaries are installed close to the façade. This helps in providing high light at the bottom and illumination reduced with height. It is perfect for textured facades.
  • Flooding- the main purpose is to provide uniform light to the façade. So, the lights are installed away from the façade.
  • Direct View- The lights are placed on the façade so it can be seen. This is perfect for a glazed façade.
  • Accentuating- lights are placed close to the facades for creating dramatic effects. It is used for openings and columns.
  • Washing- the fixtures are installed at a little distance from the façade. This is to wash the façade uniformly.

Help Increase Security Around the Building

Façade lights are not only used for aesthetic purposes, but it is perfect for increasing security. A well-lit façade will illuminate the nearby areas as well. This will reduce the risk of accidents and attempts to break-in. Hence, it is good for keeping your building and everyone safe.

Types of Facades

There are different types of facades in modern architecture. Before you get a façade light, you must know about the facades. Here are some commonly used facades. Vertically or horizontally divided facades, solid facades, and perforated facades.

Get professional help to know which façade lighting is perfect for your building. We are here to help and guide you about façade illumination. Kindly, get in touch with our experts.