It is the desire of every homeowner to spend precious time in a clean environment that can undergo vacuum cleaning easily and any day. Even if you have few members of the family at home, germs accumulate very fast and normal cleaning cannot get rid of them all. Vacuuming your home often can prevent some infections that most of the time affect many homes. The only way to avoid this is through constant cleaning once per week or the time you find it convenient.

The advancement in technology is making it easier for homeowners to keep their home conducive using upright vacuum cleaners, whether for personal use or commercial use. The machine use is never complicated even for an amateur as the process is very straightforward, though it depends on individual preference among the various types selling on the market.

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Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2

This model is one of the best vacuum cleaner among the upright models. It rarely requires time to time mechanical services and therefore is pocket-friendly as long as you keep it in good condition. The device has an attractive design that compliments its great performance. It makes it easy for you to separate the canister for you to reach distant corners that are unreachable.

Those who suffer from allergy can use the device with no effect as it comes designed with anti-allergen technology, trapping almost 100% of the dust. Also, it has a HEPA filter, and from the time you purchase this device, you will not encounter any issue. The vacuum picks dust with ease and collects small elements as well as large debris. You will find the device very light, which allows you to control it the way you wish without any hassle.

The device comes with a five-year warranty for labor plus the manufacturer’s parts. Also, it is designed with a filter that is washable for a lifetime.

Shark Navigator ZU561

This Shark version is a reliable cleaner with the ability to get rid of dirt from your home within minutes. It has an anti-allergen seal, which helps to capture any particle, however tiniest. The vacuum has two functioning modes, one for cleaning the carpet and the other for dealing with the hard floors.

The majority of users describe this device as a machine that does not fail to offer the desired results. It is great on floor surfaces, though its vac is very slow to those heavy carpets. It is designed with a very active component that leaves no dirt behind. No dirt can slid out unaware due to a preventing mechanism known as roller garage. You can separate the Lift-Away part from the rest of the body and allows you to clean all the necessary parts as a maintenance process. You can use the device to clean your apartment or home in areas such as the floor and the ceiling. This is the model to consider for such tasks, and you will not regret the results. The device is pricey, though, but powerful in delivering any cleaning you plan to use it for.

Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS

This device is a high-end device, and it has an excellent feature that makes vacuuming your home floor or carpet seem like a small task. The machine is so powerful such that when you are moving it around, you do not struggle, but the vacuum cleaner somehow drives itself. Another cool thing about this vacuum is the ability to vacuum clean your home while lying flat, making it easier to reach areas under the furniture. It has a well-designed controllable fingertip and a very powerful suction. The wheels are easy-going, which prevents the device from damaging your floor and furniture.

The device is easy to use, light, and worth the money.



Many questions people ask when looking for a vacuum cleaner, is why they should consider upright vacuuming type? The simple answer is that they have a not failing suction power and ability to clean any dust without spilling elements as you vacuum around.