If you have been struggling with sheer indecisiveness and boredom, and can’t get your head around the fact on how to put your time to good and exciting use. Then I would be glad to tell you that you’ve landed at the right place. Let’s get into 10 cool ways on how to kill boredom!

Paint your room:

I know it sounds like an odd job but you would be blown away by the amount of fun you can have while painting your room. Get into your painting pants, put the apron on and paint your walls, furniture and cabinets. It’s only therapeutic but it’ll help you create your dream room, that has been stylized by you, for you!

Indulge yourself in arts and crafts:

Indulging yourself into creating art is one of the best ways to kill boredom. Get a canvas, some paints, or experiment with collage art. The choice is yours and remembers there’s no right and wrong in art! So have fun

Call you friends over Zoom:

Set up a nice meeting over zoom with your friends, where you can talk about a recent book that you read or binge watch your favorite show on Netflix together.

Have a Drag Night:

Having Drag nights or playing dress up with your friends is one of the best ways to have fun and get rid of that boredom. Its also a great way to stimulate those creative juices and to allow for divine creative intervention to make your life a little less boring!

Bedazzle your Jackets:

Winters are approaching and it gives us the perfect time to bedazzle our old worn out jackets. Get silicon glue, acquire some rhinestones and bedazzle your jackets to the brink. You can look up online for some cool trendy styles or create one yourself up!

Community work:

Community work and volunteering for a good cause is a great way to spend your time productively. You can sign up with an organization that resonates with your manifesto and work some hours daily for the very community you so care for.

Cook a meal:

If you already don’t know how to cook then you should definitely invest some time in learning how to cook. Other than that you can cook up some really fun meals, for your family and friends.

Dye your Hair:

Yes! Dye your hair. There are great ways to dye your hair and it can be so much fun too. Pick a color, choose as style and give that beautiful mane a glow up!

Style your old garments:

It is so essential to reuse our old clothes in order to reduce the carbon footprint. It is also a very sustainable approach to look at fashion. Take those dresses and jackets out. Trim, cut and sew new pieces and don’t forget to bedazzle them!

Play Poker:

Playing poker with your friends can also be a great way to break the monotony and get into something that’s exciting. You can play online as well https://viralqq.best, win money and so much more.